1954 — June 7th: Enigma Code-breaker Alan Turing Died

1954 — June 7th: Enigma Code-breaker Alan Turing Died

1954 — June 7th: Enigma Code-breaker Alan Turing Died

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The mathematical genius who was the focus of the recent award-winning movie “Enigma” committed suicide on this day back in 1954 after struggling with government mandated chemical hormone therapy after it was discovered that he was homosexual. Alan Turing was responsible for creating the computer that broke the German Enigma code allowing Allies to get a move ahead of the Germans in Word War II by decrypting their secure radio communications revealing German strategies and attack plans before they happened. Alan Turing is also responsible for advances in Artificial Intelligence and is the creator of the Turing Test, which is a measure by which a true Artificial Intelligence would be detected.

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