4 Simple Ways to Make a Slow Computer Faster

4 Simple Ways to Make a Slow Computer Faster

4 Simple Ways to Make a Slow Computer Faster

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They said that computers would make our lives easier and help us get more done, but that is not always the case. If you have spent any time at all around computers, you have probably experienced the frustration of a slow PC.

Few experiences are as frustrating as staring at a computer screen waiting for a program to load. If you are tired of waiting for your computer to start or your document to save, there are things you can do to speed things up. These simple tweaks do not require any technical skill, and you do not have to crack open the case or install more memory. Here are 4 simple ways to squeeze more speed out of your slow PC.

Run a Full Virus Scan

Computer viruses are sneakier than ever before, hiding out in your PC and stealthily avoiding your current virus scanning program. If your computer has been slowing to a crawl and acting erratically, it could be infected by a virus or malware program.

These kinds of infections often create strange behavior, from WebPages that refuse to load to a marked increase in pop-up ads and banners. If you suspect you have a virus but your antivirus program says you don’t, an online scan could be the answer.

Services like housecall.trendmicro.com make it easy to scan your computer for currently known infections and other programs. In most cases you will not have to download anything, and the online scan will not interfere with the operation of your existing antivirus program.

Turn Off Visual Effects

If you have taken the plunge and upgraded to Windows 10, you may have noticed that the new operating system is brighter and better looking than the one it replaced. The visual effects built into Windows 10 are quite striking, but they are also resource intensive.

If you are running Windows 10 on old hardware, the computer may not have the resources needed to run all the visual effects. Turning them off could speed things up, and it is easy to do.

Just open the search box and search for “adjust appearance and performance of Windows.” That will open the Performance Options window and give you access to the Visual Effects section. The easiest way to speed up performance is to choose the “Adjust for best performance” option.

Defragment Your Drives

need help cleaning your pc?You may remember the old disk defragmenters from previous versions of Windows, and that technology is still there in the new operating system. A fragmented hard drive can really slow down the performance of your PC, since it takes longer for the computer to find files, save changes and keep track of programs. Defragmenting fixes these problems and can result in a marked improvement in performance.

Windows 10 makes defragmenting your drive easier than ever before. Just search for “defragment and optimize drives” from the search bar, choose your target drive and select either “Analyze” or “Optimize.” The analyze option will let you know if your drive needs defragmented, while the Optimize option will start the defragmenting process.

Restart Regularly

There has been a raging debate about whether it is better to leave your computer on all the time or restart it every night. As with most debates, the real answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. You will not harm a modern computer if you leave it on 24/7, but eventually performance will suffer as temporary files, memory leaks and other issues accumulate. Restarting your computer when it starts to slow down is one of the easiest, and most effective, things you can do.

When you notice a change in performance, just restart the PC and enjoy the difference. You do not have to restart your computer every day, but rebooting once a week or so is generally a good idea.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to keep your computer running like new. Modern computers are designed to be more durable and long-lasting them ever before, and even older computers can handle most of the tasks we throw at them. If your computer is running a bit slow, the tips listed above can help you speed things up and squeeze more performance out of your existing hardware.

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