6 Proven Methods to Improve Your Website Ranking

6 Proven Methods to Improve Your Website Ranking

6 Proven Methods to Improve Your Website Ranking

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Search engine rankings determine the traffic and potential revenue of websites both large and small, but with Google’s constantly-shifting algorithms and ever-increasing market saturation, keeping up can seem overwhelming. However, the truth is that while Google’s exact formulas are a secret, there are a number of proven ways to improve search engine optimization (SEO). Below are some of the best ways to increase your website’s Google ranking:

Publish Quality Content

More than anything else, quality content is the primary factor in improving your site’s search rankings. Original, consistent, well-researched, and well-written content is the absolute best way to climb up the ranks. The highest-performing content is written for the viewer rather than specifically for SEO, and Google’s organic algorithms reflect this, so make it your primary focus.

Use Keywords Wisely

The days of keyword stuffing are over, but that doesn’t mean that choosing the right keywords isn’t still essential. Both individual keywords and phrases help to drive traffic and increase rankings, so a bit of research can go a long way. By using Google’s own analytic tools, it is possible to see how potential keywords are performing. It is possible to view relative popularity and competition for each word and phrase, allowing you to target keywords that promise conversion and profit.

Gather Links

Google uses hyperlinks both to and from your website as a major factor when determining page rank. The best way to use links to your advantage is by building relationships with other sites, especially ones that are considered experts or authorities within your market. Exchanging links is a win-win situation for both sites, boosting direct traffic and Google rankings. With that said, be sure not to go overboard and drown your pages in links!

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Focus on Website Design

A strong site design goes hand-in-hand with quality content. Clean, organized pages are easier to navigate for viewers and easier for Google’s algorithms to parse. Pay attention to the details: minor efforts such as emphasizing keywords in links, titling your pages, and captioning photographs to make them more search-friendly can contribute greatly to higher rankings.

Implement a Permanent Redirect

Many online businesses don’t realize that search engines see the www. and the http:// versions of a website as two separate pages when it comes to search engine optimization, thereby diluting web site rankings. To fix this issue, implement a permanent (301) redirect, which prevents the search engine from indexing both versions of the site separately. This quick and simple fix can substantially improve your website’s rankings.

Avoid Paying For Exposure

Because Google uses hyperlinks to your site as a primary factor when determining rankings, many sites have sprung up that offer these links — at a price. However, Google has taken a hard stance against link selling and banner exchanges by actively penalizing sites that take such an approach. Though it may be tempting to pay for a “jump-start,” it is very likely to do more harm than good. The fact of the matter is that there is no magic short cut to building a quality website and establishing the network necessary to drive traffic and increase ranking.

Google’s search engine algorithms are constantly changing and adapting to better serve users, making it critical to pay attention to SEO strategies in order to avoid being left behind. By following the tips above, any website — large or small — can dramatically improve their search engine optimization and see a jump in Google rankings as a result.

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Justin Soenke is a trend-based serial entrepreneur and thought leader in the areas of cyber-security, web design, SEO, social media, eCommerce and managed IT. Justin has overseen the creation and success of over a dozen companies in the technology, security and media sectors, and is the contributing source for his SB Design Blog, SB Tech Blog and SB SEO Blog among regular contributions to many outside blogs and websites, all for our clients.

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