6 Unconventional Ways to Advertise Your Website

6 Unconventional Ways to Advertise Your Website

6 Unconventional Ways to Advertise Your Website

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Advertising your website is vital if you want steady traffic. People don’t know how to find great content on their own. If you don’t help them, they won’t find a home on your website. Conventional advertising strategies work, but they create gaps you can fill with the unusual ideas below.

Books and Videos

Self-published authors and video creators add advertisements to their work. If you are writing a book with helpful information that is relevant to your website, add a blurb or two. Place them at the beginning and end of your book and keep them short.

It is easy to include your expertise in your author bio and add a link to your website. You can also put your web address on your author page, with or without a brief sentence encouraging visitors to find more information.

If you are creating a video, add an advertisement to your description. Most creators include their website URL along with other ways to contact them. Adding a brief image with your site information to your videos works too, as long as it lasts no more than a few seconds.

If you are using videos to funnel traffic to your website, don’t forget to look at your comments. If too many people feel that your ads are intrusive, adjust your strategy and ask for feedback in case they are trolls.

Find an Empty Space

People love buying gear, including T-shirts and hats, to support their favorite brands and celebrities. Creating an online store and filling it with your merchandise is a great advertising strategy because it creates another stream of income.

Every time someone walks in public wearing your gear, you are building interest in your website, especially if it leads to conversations. The key to merchandise advertising is creating attractive products people want to buy; no one will pay to do your advertising for you.

Fans love hearing about merchandise, and they could volunteer their time and talents if you announce that you want to start selling. Your audience’s reaction depends on their temperament, and it is never a bad idea to hire an unbiased artist or create designs of your own. Your audience will know if they are worth buying

While clothing is an obvious choice for advertising space, it isn’t your only option. Some people use their own cars as mobile billboards, while others carve messages in their hair. Tattoos are another option, although they are harder to get rid of if you change your mind.

Do a Stunt

Unusual feats draw crowds and are great advertising. While many people think of stunts as dangerous tricks, like jumping over a canyon on a motorbike, they aren’t always that dramatic.

Food companies sometimes create giant edible masterpieces, and you could do the same; breaking a world record is generates excellent publicity. But there are even milder stunts designed to get attention: sales. Giving away free products and services, or offering deep discounts, is a stunt because it is risky.

Your stunt will only help you if enough people know about it. Putting a banner on your website, or a page advertising your sale, giveaway, or daring feat is great advertising. You can also buy traditional ads, or promote your stunt locally through signs and word-of-mouth.

Ask Game Streamers

While game streaming is a billion-dollar industry, it isn’t an option many businesses think of when they imagine their marketing strategy. But game streamers have consistent audiences, and it is easy to add an unobtrusive advertisement on streams.

While streamers commonly promote products and services for gamers, like computer chairs or headsets, many are willing to advertise a product if they believe in it. For the best results, find a streamer that fits your audience. If your site sells knickknacks, it might make sense to find a female participant known for sharing cute things, including games.

Contacting game streamers is easy. You can send them a private message, or look for their professional email address in their profile. Never forget to send a professional message that communicates your intent quickly. Remember, they are already running a business!

Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

Some crowdfunding campaigns go viral, bringing in wanted publicity along with capital for a promising project. You can take advantage of crowdfunding’s reach if you have a product that will drive viewer interest. While it is hard to predict trends, targeting the same niches as popular campaigns is a safer strategy than targeting an unknown market.

It is fun brainstorming projects and working with investors to complete them, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t strict rules to follow! Always stay honest. If you feel like abandoning your project, think about your investors and team members, and how hard they worked to make your vision a reality.

Sticking with your crowdfunding site’s rules is also vital unless you want your campaign to end on a technicality. Guidelines vary, and it is always worth spending several hours researching before you commit to a crowdfunding platform.

Before starting your search, make sure you can keep your promises, and have reasonable benchmarks for success. Remember, potential backers will lose interest when they learn that you aren’t updating your progress.

Dive into Comments

The internet is full of helpful comments, and sharing your expertise is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Most comment sections have guidelines; follow them, even if someone else isn’t.

Also, make sure your comments are valuable because of their information content. Skipping this step means lurkers and commenters will think you are only interested in self-promotion and might downvote or block your posts.

Unusual advertising tactics could be the perfect fit for your website’s potential audience, but you will never know unless you try one. What’s stopping you from experimenting today?

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Justin Soenke is a trend-based serial entrepreneur and thought leader in the areas of cyber-security, web design, SEO, social media, eCommerce and managed IT. Justin has overseen the creation and success of over a dozen companies in the technology, security and media sectors, and is the contributing source for his SB Design Blog, SB Tech Blog and SB SEO Blog among regular contributions to many outside blogs and websites, all for our clients.

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