8 Words You Can Use to Build Trust When Content Marketing

8 Words You Can Use to Build Trust When Content Marketing

8 Words You Can Use to Build Trust When Content Marketing

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When a business gets into content marketing, they’re trying to get consumers to trust them. It may lead to other things, like conversions, shares, and likes, but fundamentally it’s about trust. All those things come from trust. If they believe in the value of what you posted and its authenticity, they’ll do one or more of those things.

The problem you face when content marketing is making your article look trustworthy. The bizarre thing is, it often doesn’t matter what the facts are. That article could have everything fact-checked, but if it isn’t worded properly it won’t have the impact you need it to have. Here are a few words you can use in your articles.

“Fair Price”

When people do research on products, they’re looking to figure out if they’re getting a good deal. That’s one of the many benefits consumers can get out of the Internet – they don’t have to be ignorant. They have the option to do research and find out if what they’re buying is worth their money. When you use the words “fair price”, you’re telling them what they want to learn.


Another word you can use in your articles is “quality”. Readers aren’t just looking for a good deal, they’re looking for quality. They’re looking for something that delivers what it promises consistently. Assert that your product has the quality they’re looking for and you’ll help develop their trust in your company.


Unsurprisingly, using the word “trust” improves trustworthiness. However, you can’t just have people trust something vague. It must be guided towards something concrete and measurable. For example, you can tell them to trust the numbers or the information provided. Even they don’t believe you outright, this can prompt them to do research.

“Sorry” and “Apologize”

The worst thing you can do with content marketing is use it to hide your company’s mistakes and errors. Things will go wrong and hiding them under a carpet of words will only make things worse. Someone will find out, and all the trust you’ve built up will drain away. When you need to, say sorry or apologize. This will indicate transparency and help build trust in you and the business.


Content marketing is there to help tell people that something exists that can solve a specific problem and improve their lives. They want things to change, which makes the word “change” powerful in building their trust. It shows that the offering is there to make things better.

Alternatively, it can also be used in an apology. Apologies are only the first step – the next step is telling them what you’re going to do different. This can assure customers that you’re not just trying to placate them, that you’re actually trying to make things better.

“Caring” or “Care”

You may be selling your consumers something, but they want more than something that solves their products. They want to be cared for, that they’re being treated right. Use of the word “caring” in your content marketing campaign can make them feel respected and valued, as they should be. Consumers are at the heart of every successful business.

“Never” or “Always”

“Never” may have negative connotations, but it can still be used in content marketing to improve your trustworthiness. There are plenty of things you can say you never do that customers want to hear. For example, telling them that you’ll never release their personal information can make them feel at ease.

Alternatively, you can use the word “always” in certain contexts. For example, you can tell them that the company will always listen to their concerns and complaints. This can make them feel like they’ll be heard, which can be the foundation of trust.


People are more concerned about their privacy than ever before. Hackers have broken into companies, both large and small, potentially exposing personal financial information to unsavory types. Therefore it’s of utmost importance that you inform them how seriously you’ll treat their information. Tell them you’ll protect and respect their privacy, and they’ll trust you a little more.

Content marketing is all about trust. If the content doesn’t inspire trust in itself or in the company, it doesn’t work. The next time your content goes out, consider if you’re using the right words and if you’re using them properly. It could be the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one.

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