1833 — June 5th: Ada Lovelace Meets Charles Babbage

1833 — June 5th: Ada Lovelace Meets Charles Babbage

1833 — June 5th: Ada Lovelace Meets Charles Babbage

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Born Ada Gordon, she was often called Ada Byron from being the daughter of Lord Byron (actually named George Gordon). She married Edward King, becoming Ada King, and when King was made the Earl of Lovelace, she became Countess Ada Lovelace.

Charles Babbage is known for designing adding machines, and in 1823 designed the “Difference Engine” and in 1834, the “Analytical Engine”. Countess Lovelace and Charles Babbage met in England and she helped publish her friends writings, helping him become a “father of computing”. Interestingly, Charles never completed the devices.

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