App Development

App Development

Our software development team has created professional web-based and mobile apps in automotive, finance, real estate and IT Security industries.

Our first coding project began in 2006 with the creation of a secure Intranet for Occam Networks, the company responsible for inventing the Triple-Play technology used by every cable company around the world. 10GB Triple-Play technology is what allowed cable providers to bundle Internet, Phone and Cable into one service. We developed a custom CMS to manage their website and intranet, created product demo DVD’s, kiosk software and online streaming video for their conferences before they were sold to Juniper Networks in 2009.

In 2007 we were key to the creation of Shop The Lots, a website that revolutionized the automotive advertising industry by replacing print ads for car dealerships with their first online alternative. The highly customizable platform allows dealerships to customize their online ads to fit an online format and layout that was similar to what they were used to, but we introduced video, email and PDF download technology which had not been done before. The company was ultimately considered for purchase by Time Warner for almost $1 Billion.

In 2009 we began developing mobile apps for high-end financial advisors, tools to survey generational wealth transitions in high net worth families (families with over $24M) and in 2010 designed an iPad based board game for determining generational family values.

Paired with an online membership platform we developed, financial advisors would use the iPad app and online interface to access secure documents, training resources, to send surveys to clients using our survey tool, and generate personalized PDF reports with analysis charts and graphs based on the client input received. This data was used by the financial advisors to consult with the families and deliver customized generational wealth transition plans.

In 2010 we developed a subscription based video training platform, streaming training videos customized to specific disciplines and learning tracks, users could sign up and learn from their home computers or directly from their android, iPhone or iPads. We created a back-end that would optimize the streaming based on the device requesting the video playback.

In 2011 we started development of an ERP, a web-based application for a large real estate investment company that purchases, rehabs and sells distressed properties around the United States. The system we developed was a multi-year project that delivered the system that operates their entire company. The company buys and sells properties on a daily basis and has almost two hundred investor funds which the properties are distributed across during their life cycle.

Our development included construction project management components, legal, file management, investor portal access for viewing of the investment portfolios, escrow, sales and reporting tools. We designed a workflow management that tracks each property through it’s proper life cycle maintaining notes and data across departments as the property transitions to it’s final sale.

In 2013 we were hired by a former U.S. presidential economic advisor to design a website and mobile app determining the profitability of real estate purchases. The user would enter some financial details of the property they were considering for purchase and the app would determine the ideal purchase price, rent, mortgage value and interest rate to maximize profit. The app could be used to make fine adjustments during negotiations to determine the best and worse case scenarios, eliminating the risk of a bad investment decision.

In 2014 we began development of a secure password replacement technology called NetLok™. NetLok was a joint creation between the NetLok founder and Justin Soenke. Our task was to create a system to replace the typical login screen on sites with web-based authentication. The founder of NetLok had the unique idea of replacing passwords with photos, but we needed to secure the photos, so we developed a secure encryption technique for embedding a strong code inside the photos. The code was stronger than any password, and the photos could not be tampered with while preserving the code.

In addition to the secure login, we created the concept of single use logins and duress logins which would notify a designated individual that the system was accessed, or send a personalized message requesting help or sending a warning. The single use logins would only work once, and were ideal for public settings or places where your photo could be identified or compromised because of the environment.

Developing a secure login replacement also required the development of a mobile app and a developer API for easy integration with other systems. We developed a secure messaging and file sharing platform in addition which gives NetLok’s customers a better alternative to communicating safely and storing private documents, all protected by the advanced photo technology.

In 2017 we were hired by a team of dentists and surgeons to develop a secure survey platform for reporting minor and major incidents involving anesthesia. The organization received it’s federal protected standing as a Patient Safety Organization. The purpose of the platform we created is to provide a safe anonymous reporting system where dentists and surgeons can report mistakes involving patients that result in patient harm or even death. By confidentially and anonymously collecting this information, the anesthesia industry gains valuable insight for training and prevention.

Phase 3’s custom application development services are suitable for small and large projects alike, our experience with project management, user experience design and coding complex systems allows us to deliver a successful project each time. Contact us to discuss your ideas and find out what’s possible and the next steps for whatever stage you’re at. We also have experience taking over stalled projects that just need some management experience to get across the finish line.

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