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Phase 3 Enterprises, Inc., headquartered in Santa Barbara, California is a search engine optimization, web design and technology consulting firm dedicated to raising the standard of customer service in the digital age. The key to our service is listening to our clients. By listening we can ascertain the needs of our clients deliver carefully crafted solutions surpassing their expectations and rising beyond other service providers. Our team services our clients with a thorough knowledge of which technologies are critical to their workflow and their lives. Professional consultants provide our clients with an uncommon level of expertise and proactive service.

Phase 3’s reputation for integrity is our most important asset. Our code of conduct and ethics is designed to provide a clear understanding of the conduct we expect from all our employees, directors and consultants, cultivating a level of trust necessary when dealing with our customers most vital data. Our code applies to everyone working under the Phase 3 name and the partners we occasionally bring to our projects.

Teamwork and a willingness to learn sets us apart from other consulting firms. Our team always learning and improving, recognizing areas of improvement and respecting the experience of others. Our team approach begins with shelving the ego typically associated with computer consultants, and projecting a transparent and honest desire to service our clients and each other.

All who act or perform services on behalf of Phase 3 must conduct themselves according to our code.


Customer Service is our key to success. Our reputation is built on integrity, dependability and the success of our clients.


Our certified technicians deliver the best results and solutions through teamwork, determination and perseverance.


Each technician brings real world experience and learned wisdom to the job. Our experts have the professional skills necessary to deliver the solutions and hard-earned know-how demanded in the professional community.

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