Protection Plans

Let us protect your computers and keep business running smoothly at your office.

Hardware failures happen at the worst possible time, with Phase 3’s prompt professional protection plan we will show up at your office, swap out the failing equipment and help you resume business with the least amount of interruption possible. Our team has been servicing local companies since 2005 and are experts in business continuity. Whether you are present at the office or on vacation, we can make sure your employees are able to resume work with minimal downtime and cost to the business.

We offer two pricing options for your level of needs:

  • Gold Monthly Plan – $45 per computer.
    This plan includes full-time monitoring of the computer with a remote application that allows us to install software updates and control the computer remotely when help is needed. This plan provides our highest level of coverage which includes security updates, virus and malware removal, and failed hardware replacement.
  • Silver Monthly Plan – $33 per computer.
    This plan covers hardware failures and replacement but does not include monitoring, software updates and malware or virus removal. This is our basic plan that ensures you have a computer with functioning hardware in the case of a failure. If the failure is caused by a hacker, virus or malware we can offer huge savings on discounted repair services.

The most important aspect of our services is having a functioning computer for your employees to resume business with minimal downtime. Nothing is more expensive for a business than having offline employees. All of our plans address this costly situation to protect your business and maintain continuity.

Our team prioritizes your business operations, making sure that your most vital systems are functioning so you can remain operational during system failures. Our first job is to identify the failing system or part and locate a replacement capable of filling the capacity of the failed component. When handling high-end and specialty components we will provide a replacement that can serve the businesses needs while we facilitate the repair or replacement of the original item under the manufacturer’s warranty. The primary goal is ensuring business operations resume with minimal downtime.

Additional available services include remote helpdesk support and ticket management. Computer cleaning, malware, antivirus and ransomware protection, data backup and storage solutions, network security and firewall appliance management, computer installations, new employee computer setups, software upgrades and email migrations.

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