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troubleshooting-and-repair_259916249In our active connected lives we’ve become dependent on our computers and devices for everything from buying music to running our businesses, and when they malfunction our lives can come to a sudden stop. Getting the right support when you need it can be difficult, but our consultants can get you back up and running in no time.

Experience and diversity is key when troubleshooting technology. From iPhones and Android tablets to Windows 10, the integration between the devices we use in our daily lives has become quite complicated while maintaining the illusion of simplicity. This becomes evident when a Windows update prevents your phone from syncing it’s contents, receiving email, printing documents, or perhaps the computer is frozen on the Windows Update screen telling you not to turn your computer off. Our consultants have diverse experience in troubleshooting these devices and have a finely tuned process for evaluating and determining the root cause.

We understand how the computer plays a critical role in making our lives run smoothly, and that is why we have some of the fastest response times in Santa Barbara. Our team will explain everything in plain english so you understand what’s wrong and what’s involved in getting your computer up and running. We’ll guide you through the decision making process if repairs need to be made, and will suggest the best options to help you decide.

We charge fair rates, it doesn’t matter the extent your computer has been damaged, we will always try to work within your budget and offer affordable solutions for great results.

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