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virus-and-spyware-removal_362367200Is your computer slow or hanging?

A slow computer can literally ruin your day, especially when you have urgent matters to attend to but it won’t let you. Most computer slowdowns and crashes are due to an infection or computer that hasn’t been maintained, cleaned or protected by an antivirus security suite. Unless your computer is only days old, we’ve found that most sluggish behavior is due to malicious files and junk originating from downloaded emails and your browsing history. Over time, these files tend to take over your hard drive slowing the computer to a crawl if not just causing it to crash.

Viruses and spyware usually infiltrate computers for the purpose spreading itself while weakening your computer’s security for hackers to take remote access. In most cases infections are random and not targeted attacks, however the damage can be just as critical as a targeted attack. In the case of ransomware, the virus encrypts unsuspecting users’ data so they cannot access it without paying the attacker for the key to unlock it.

While hackers are best deterred by keeping your software patched and current, antivirus and security software is the key prevention method for spyware and infections that would be spread by email or through your web browser. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter if the computer is new or old, following are a couple of our recommended software solutions to protect yourself before an infection occurs.

1. Sophos Home Edition for Mac

Although Sophos home edition software has limited detection abilities, it still can manage malicious files. This edition features a full-system scan, Scan This Mac, which cleans your computer. However, it may not inspect some encrypted files. Nevertheless, with the Sophos Home Edition, you can specify the directories that you don’t want to be scanned, schedule scans, and decide the actions to take on those files that Sophos considers to be threats to your system.

While Sophos allows you to clean, log, delete, or move dangerous files to quarantine, it does not have a quick scan option. However, considering the fact that this edition is free, lack of quick-scan option is not something too serious.

Sophos also features a custom search feature that allows you to come up with searches for both singular and multiple directories that you think need to be inspected. Sophos can also perform on-access scans that analyze files without being commanded to. What’s more, this edition has a quarantine section that ensures that all files flagged as a threat are not deleted—you can rescue the important files you need.

2. Qihoo 360 for PC

We’re not surprised if this is the first time you are hearing about Qihoo 360, it’s the premiere antivirus and security suite in China. This free software suite features security and optimization features along with antivirus protection and scanning, and is absolutely free!

This software performed well in a study by AV-Comparatives detecting a record hundred percent of 4523 malicious applications. Although scanning with this software takes quite long, this does not have a great impact on its usability.

If you’re like most computer uses, you hate a slow computer, and unless you are an expert, you will likely struggle to pinpoint the issue affecting your computers performance. You really have two options: try the above programs and other do-it-yourself solutions, or seek the help of professionals.

Phase 3 is a Santa Barbara based company that offers diverse services related to computer cleaning and optimization. As mentioned before, you can try to prevent an infection on your own. However, the importance of seeking professional help cannot be overemphasized. We are known for our expertise in getting rid of malware and spyware, and our services are unparalleled. Call us today and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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