What is The Cloud?

page_what-is-the-cloud_141489301What is The Cloud?

Why does everyone seem to be talking about it? Who is allowed to use it? Better yet, why should you even be concerned with it? All of these questions are asked by customers every day. The Cloud is one of the most beneficial advancements in modern computing technology, and its rewards can be realized by nearly anyone. From the casual office worker, to the home PC owner, all the way up to the highly tech-savvy, Cloud Storage can serve as a life-saver (or at the very least, a time saver) to all who aspire to work more efficiently, and obtain the extra level of peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data is but a few clicks away, regardless of the state of the device they originated from.

In a nutshell, the Cloud is a network of servers, unseen by the user, that serves as a virtual space to store and retrieve information. You can use the cloud to back up music files, documents, pictures and other file types. Many cloud services exist to fulfill this purpose. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox are but a few of the most known examples. Here are some of the numerous reasons you should utilize one or more of these services in your life today.


Once uploaded to the Cloud, you can access your files from virtually any device with an internet connection. This gives you unprecedented freedom when accessing and altering files. Before the advent of the Cloud, users were normally tied to their place of work in regards to access to their files and the only alternative was to email files to yourself so that you could retrieve them from the next device you wished to view them on. Needless to say, this was a process that merciless consumed time with each occasion it had to be performed. Now that the Cloud has come to the forefront of storage options, it has become possible for you to work on a document on your work desktop PC, download and make changes to it on your home laptop, and then review them on your smartphone during your commute to work.

Extra Space

Using the Cloud as a data reservoir allows for you to free up tons of space on your device by transferring lesser used files to the Cloud. This function is great for users with large amounts of documents and files that may be necessary to keep, but are only referenced on rare occasions. This keeps your commonly used files nearby and your seldom used files in a location to be easily retrieved when needed. Many software companies are opting to host their products’ services on the cloud instead of selling boxed versions. This in turn saves the users great amounts of space, because they no longer have to store large installation files on their devices, but can access the programs through the Cloud.


Perhaps the biggest lure of Cloud storage is its cost-effectiveness. Before the Cloud, users were stuck in a perpetual cycle of purchasing one external hard drive after another in their quest to expand their storage space. The Cloud has the potential to eliminate this need altogether with its very cost-friendly model. Services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive offer gigabytes of storage, free of charge. They also offer extra storage at a wallet friendly rate of $10/TB. For businesses, the financial savings multiply considerably due to Cloud services eliminating the need for companies to spend money on expensive servers and hardware. Since the Cloud storage provider uses their own servers, the business client need only pay for the amount of storage they need at any given time. This also makes it easier for companies to expand or downsize their data-related operations more quickly and with less financial strain.

The Best is Yet To Come

The future of the Cloud looks brighter with each passing day. New data solutions and storage technologies are expanding the Cloud’s capabilities and cutting down costs at a speed that’s quite difficult to put into context. One could say that the Cloud IS the future of technology. Even if you don’t consider yourself the most savvy of tech enthusiasts or computer users, the Cloud already provides a wealth of features that will serve to make your user experiences more enjoyable, streamlined and flexible. Do yourself a favor and explore your options today. Once you begin to take advantage of the Cloud, the only certain regret you will have is that you hadn’t thought to do it sooner.

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