SEO vs. Social Media Traffic: Which One Should You Focus On?

SEO vs. Social Media Traffic: Which One Should You Focus On?

SEO vs. Social Media Traffic: Which One Should You Focus On?

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Any business that hopes to get leads online should be thinking about ways to get traffic. For any website, there are two main kinds of internet traffic: one comes from search engines, and others come from social media sites. Both of these traffic sources have different sets of advantages and disadvantages, each one geared to a different set of audience.

Here is an overview of the two kinds of traffic and which one should your business focus on.

An Overview Of SEO Traffic

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization is a strategy used by businesses and marketers to get a following through search engine sites. The most common ones are Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. When an individual puts in a search term for a specific need, the most optimized websites come to the top page. These websites get a lot of clicks, views, and will most likely be the one to get leads and sales.

Here are some main characteristics of SEO traffic to help you understand it more:
• SEO traffic takes a lot of time to build
• You need to have authoritative content to make your site searchable on the web
• Your website requires a lot of other websites linking to it
• SEO traffic has a lot of elaborate tricks to be done well
Although SEO traffic takes a lot of time and effort to work, it is the most rewarding type of traffic. That is because people who go to search engines aren’t just browsing around. They are the people looking for real solutions and real results.

Another type of traffic is from social media.

An Overview Of Social Media Traffic

Social media is the most significant buzz in online communities. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest get swarmed by users who are looking for exciting things. Social media traffic is usually easy to create as long as you have an account or a fan page that allows you to connect with your audience. Here are some common characteristics of social media traffic:
• Easier to create than SEO
• Can use social media platforms to link your posts to other external sites
• Provide engagement within the platform
• When used correctly, can direct audience to do your desired call-to-action
However, social media is not without a flaw. The problem with social media traffic is that most of the users are just browsing around their feed. You cannot guarantee that they are in a “buyer’s mood,” meaning they don’t have a specific purpose in mind. That means that most of the traffic you get from social media are just audiences looking for posts for entertainment.

Which One Should You Focus On?

As a business owner, you may be tempted to focus on only one type of traffic source. However, what you can do is try some of both. Depending on the nature of your business, you can try building up your SEO traffic little by little and consistently post in your social media accounts.

This way, you can touch both bases and be able to grow your traffic in both sources over time. Although, make sure to emphasize your strategy based on the type of business that you have.

Sites that offer a formal product, service, or business to business solutions will most likely benefit from SEO. To help you gain visitors, make sure to create related content where you can plug in your products or services.

Sites that feature news, entertainment, and produce content daily may highly benefit from social media traffic. People like to hear the latest trends on every topic, and these types of content are the one that produces more engagement and will be the most likely to be shared.

Additionally, you can do both of these strategies while applying targeted marketing. For a fee, you can try advertising your business both in search engines and social media to users who might be interested in your products and services.

The choice of which traffic is most useful is entirely up to you. There are different strengths per each strategy, but you can ultimately harness each advantage to maximize the potential traffic coming to your website.

About the author:

Justin Soenke is a trend-based serial entrepreneur and thought leader in the areas of cyber-security, web design, SEO, social media, eCommerce and managed IT. Justin has overseen the creation and success of over a dozen companies in the technology, security and media sectors, and is the contributing source for his SB Design Blog, SB Tech Blog and SB SEO Blog among regular contributions to many outside blogs and websites, all for our clients.

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