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Before we can make optimization and search marketing recommendations for clients we need to begin with taking a look at how their site is performing, what their competition is doing, how they’re being found by current customers, and assessing their overall visibility on the web. This is done with a website and SEO assessment.

One of our most valuable services, the Phase 3 assessment tells website owners what factors are affecting their ranking and the visitors to their website. We analyze critical components such as the programming quality of your site, the site performance, such as how quickly images are loading, what your social media presence is, whether your site functions well on mobile devices, and identifying any errors or bad links on your site that could be a dead end for any visitors.

Many clients and small businesses have taken a lazy approach towards issues on their website and feel they can be addressed at a later time, down the road, and don’t understand that Google is actively evaluating their site quality compared to competitors and market leaders, and this will determine the overall success of their online presence. One of the worst things a website owner can do is neglect obvious errors or bad links on their website. Few people even know that google even evaluates the quality of your writing and the content relevancy of your site to the context of the search phrases your are trying to rank well on in search results.

Phase 3 has developed a specialized set of tools for evaluating and scoring a company’s website, and compiles this information into a convenient, detailed report. We don’t hold back in the details we provide, whether you are a programmer or hire a web design professional, our assessment includes detailed explanations and steps for correcting the errors and making necessary improvements on your website.

Common Website Issues

Site Analytics

Most customers come to us never knowing how many visitors they have to their website, they don’t know how the customers find them, how long they stay on the site and what pages they are looking at. This is vital information that tells customers whether their marketing and content strategy is working, and where people spend the most time. Is your most read content easy to get to? Are your customers having to think too much to find what they are looking for?

Image Optimization and Page Loading Times

A common area where most websites fail is load time of images. The web has exploded in the past 5 years with rich photography and awe-inspiring graphic design, but the graphic designers are young and have fast internet connections, and make the false assumption that everyone has their expensive technology. Ironically they never experienced slow computers or the low priced bandwidth connections that customers on a budget commonly use. The surprising part is that most small business customers are using these connections. If a page takes more than 3 to 5 seconds to load, your visitor gives up and moves on to the next website. These designers and new programmers aren’t skilled in image compression, code optimization or page load times.

Canonical Errors

A lot of new programmers and designers can build a great design in wordpress but they don’t understand the technology that runs the internet. This leaves you vulnerable to their lack of technical knowledge. Canonical issues are those such as whether your website redirects from the www version of a domain to the non-www version, as well as the programmatic structure of your coding. Google evaluates this and factors it into the quality ranking assigned to your website.

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Click here to request the free SEO analysis of your site

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