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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is how a website owner optimizes their website presence and visibility to show up in search engine result pages on sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is a type of Internet Marketing that means marketing your company’s products or services so they are easy found by your ideal customers on the Internet.


Why should you market your business on the Internet?

You should market your business on the Internet in order to drive targeted customers to your company and convert visitors of your website into sales that boost your company’s revenue. By marketing your business on online, your products or services can reach either a broader or more targeted audience.


How does SEO work and how does Phase 3 help?

When potential customers look for services, information and products on the Internet, they use keyword phrases to search for results. These are phrases of 2-5 words. These keyword phrases are related to the content on your website. The more carefully your website is constructed with the proper phrases and links, the more likely your business will show up when a potential customer uses a search engine like Google. The search engines are continously changing the formulas they use to generate search results, and you need the advantage of having a company that can monitor, manage and keep your website ranking high in search results. Phase 3 serves its’ customers by researching the online competition, educating the customer and executing an effective strategy to generate high ranking search results.

Phase 3 practices white-hat SEO techniques to achieve optimal search engine placement.

The volume of organic searches, fresh site content, and links from multiple active linking and social media sites will reinforce the page rank and positioning of your company. An ongoing Internet Marketing campaign is essential to your company’s continued success and profitability.

Internet Marketing means getting your website noticed.

Phase 3 will:

Target your customers
Identifying your ideal customer is important for businesses because the wrong traffic will hurt your search engine ranking. It’s critical that your site search up for the proper terms (keywords) that your target audience is searching for, and that when they reach your site they see content that matches the context of what they were searching for. Targeting your customers can be easy for existing businesses, and valuable opportunity for new businesses. Often a company already has a particular customer profile they want to duplicate, and we help optimize the site to attract more of that type of visitor. In the case of a new business, we research the demand for the services offered by the business and recommend a content strategy to attract the visitors.

Attract them to your website
Attracting customers can be accomplished by researching existing online businesses who target the same customers, at minimum ensuring that you show up in the same places and offer similar content. The key to surpassing your competition however comes down to attractive and fresh content that keeps your visitors coming back for more. You want to build a loyal following of repeat visitors that will help your website thrive online.

Keep them on your website
Keeping visitors on you site involves a carefully crafted campaign and content strategy. You have to give people a reason to stay on your site, because the longer they stay, and the more they read, the higher your search engine will rank for the search phrases they used to find you. In other words, websites have two goals, to convert the visitor into a buyer, but to also make them a consumer of the information on your site so that it will rank well in search engines. A well ranking site combined with proper marketing content will deliver enough buyers to satisfy your needs. Establishing consumers of your information, even if not a buyer, is creating a brand advocate for your company who will spread the word, share content, and advise additional referrals to become patrons of your business.

Turn visitors into buyers
Converting visitors into buyers can be tricky. Just because you bring traffic to a site through search engine optimization doesn’t mean that those buyers will stay or be customers. This can be a problem for desperate businesses, and in the past we’ve disappointed some people when we refuse to do their SEO without first upgrading their website. A website must have a clear conversion process, a method of tracking progress and visitors, and be appealing enough to visitors that they will want to stay on the site and refer it to their colleagues and peers.

Track your website’s progress, continually make it better
How do you measure the results of your efforts and take action on what you learn from your visitor behavior? It’s critical that a business continually evaluate the performance of their website and observe their visitor experience. How many people are accessing your site, what is bringing them to the site? How long are they staying, and what content are they looking at? It’s to your advantage to watch carefully and understand the user experience of your website to continue offering quality and improved content and experiences to your potential customers. This ensures that you stay ahead of the competition and relevant to your market in the eyes of Google who will determine how you appear in the search engine result pages.

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