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glossary of search engine optimization termsSEO Definitions

We’re building this glossary to help shed some light on industry technical terms that you’ll often encounter when researching search engine optimization. We believe that understanding the language and proper terminology will help our customers make an informed decision when hiring a service provider. Please ask us if you’d like us to elaborate on any of these terms or add something that you’ve come across but don’t find listed here.

301 Redirect

This is a function on a web server that directs you to a permanent replacement of a page that used to exist in a different location. 301 Redirects are often used when a site has been upgraded and google search results still point to the old page. A 301 Redirect would intercept the request and direct the visitor to the new content.

ALT Text or Tag

The ALT tag is a part of programming in HTML where you include a description of a photo that is displayed in browsers that have images turned off, as well as being seen and read by search engines crawling your website.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the underlined text in a link on your web page. Links are the clickable text on a page that directs you to another page when clicked. Search Engine Optimizers suggest using placing some of your most desired keywords in anchor text because the search engines give these more attention than other text on a web page.


HTML is short for hyper-text markup language, the name of the technology that is used for building web pages that are displayed in a web browser such as Internet Explorer (on Windows), Firefox, Chrome or Safari (on the Mac).


Keywords are the search phrases used to find what you are looking for on the internet in websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Keywords are used to determine the context of a website and should be marketed to people searching the internet to draw more visitors to your website.

Search Engine

A search engine is a web site designed to query results based on the words you enter. Search engines connect internet users with the websites matching the query. The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to position a website as a result to queries containing specific keywords.

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