Understanding Social Marketing

Understanding Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing

Most businesses find themselves in a highly competitive market and the only way to gain relevance is by adopting unique marketing strategies. With the growing number of active internet users businesses have found themselves somehow in an unfamiliar situation as marketing has shifted to a new playground — social media. Long gone are the times where a business would expect to advertise its products through old marketing techniques like billboards and print ads, like casting a large net, and hoping that there will actually be a significant number of people who would find and show interest in such information.

In contrast people now spend most of their time on platforms such as the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other platforms now considered as new media. These platforms offer “targeted” access to millions of active users on daily basis and if a business can find a way to market itself to such a huge presence of potential clients – then old business marketing issues can turn into profitable campaigns in an instant; and this is the whole concept through which social media marketing is based on.

Why would a Business opt to use Social Media Marketing? 

The traditional business marketing strategies actually don’t guarantee a high level outreach among the targeted clients. However social media is one massive space where it is possible to find all kind of customers, and the advantage is that it’s possible for a business to narrow it’s focus and concentrate on the preferred target. Old traditional marketing broadcasts a message to the masses without any guarantee that viewers will be engaged or pay attention to the message.

What is great about this new media is this huge potential client base can be “targeted” on an individual basis while spending very little on this kind of marketing strategy. It is also very simple to follow up on what a business’s competitors may be up to on a real-time basis through social media, following them, and this can greatly help a business in coming up with highly effective competitive marketing strategy.

Is SEO and Social Media Marketing the same thing? 

The primary aim of a business marketing is to always find a unique way of increasing traffic to a specific website so as to win more consumers. For those who are new to the idea of internet marketing, seo and social media marketing may seem to be the same thing given that they all take place on the internet. However such a statement should be regarded as a misconception as the two are very distinct and geared towards solving a completely different range of marketing demands. SEO is more of an intent-driven marketing approach and is thus dependent on what a potential client may be thinking of rather than what a business would like to advertise.

When we search for information on the web, we are actually making an attempt to find answers to situations we may have found ourselves in and thus is what a typical SEO approach is based on — providing suitable direction based on the context of what has been queried by clients over the search engines. Social media marketing on the other hand is about engaging new connections, discovering and finally having long lasting relationships attempting to address a business demand — gaining, maintaining and converting new visitors as profitable consumers.

Do-It-Yourself versus Consulting a Professional

Social media marketing looks like it can be really simple and for this reason some businesses would like to adopt a “do-it-yourself” approach. Businesses who don’t have a large following on their preferred social media platform will find themselves at a disadvantage as building this kind of potential client base is tiresome and does take a lot of time. There is nothing bad about taking the personal approach, however it is important to fully understand all dynamics involved when embarking on social media marketing. The reason is pretty simple — the web is a trend-driven community and maybe the social media marketing strategy a business is planning to adopt may be old-fashioned.

The good thing about working with professionals is that they are experienced, have engaged in this kind of business far longer and are fluent with the best practices to help a business move to the top. It’s possible for a business to gain brand recognition as the professionals have the right kind of strategies which will ensure that the desired visibility is achieved.

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