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santa barbara web design servicesPeople build websites for varying reasons and interests, but there’s no pressure to do something that hasn’t been done before. Often times people hold off on developing an idea because they don’t feel that it’s unique enough, or they think someone else is already doing it. Really, the success of a website has to do more with your enthusiasm and passion for what you’re doing than anything else. Your commitment and dedication presents itself over time and that’s what makes you stand out from the crowd.

There’s no time table other than the goals that you set. The internet works for people who think fast and those who think slow. Don’t let anyone pressure you or lead you to believe that your website has to be done quickly, many great sites have been developed and grown over a very long time. It’s actually now that we look at sites like Amazon and Wikipedia that people are overwhelmed with how much material and content there is. However, some of us remember 15 years ago when those site were just getting started and had very limited content. Web design is a gradual process that shouldn’t be rushed. You can show your unique style in many ways and take your time carefully crafting and improving your image or brand over several years.

Santa Barbara Web Design Experts

The diversity in websites and experience with evolving web technologies over the past 10 years has blessed us with a unique perspective when designing and making recommendations to our customers. Our awesome customers have brought us ideas as well as taken our advice, and working together we have created some incredible work. We’ve worked side-by-side with customers to create simple one-page sites for a wedding minister, to elaborate site for the auto industry with hundreds of pages and invented a new medium for digital car ads for auto dealerships. We embrace the ideas of each client welcome them onboard with an eagerness to learn what they want to bring to the web.

Technology can be easy with the right team. We want to take away the limitations of your ideas and allow creative thought to be expressed in ways that neither of us have done before. This involves an open mind and a solid understanding of the technology that operates the internet. Our team has a unique background in computer consulting that has allowed us to create custom solutions where necessary, removing the barriers to creative ideas and delivering the dreams to our clients.

It’s sounds grand, but some of customers have the most basic sites, because the real point is accomplishing the goals of our customers. We are well versed in marketing and understand that a message needs to be simple, and the visitors to your website need to find what they are looking for without having to think. The design must engage them quickly and convey that they’ve reached the right place so they don’t leave before they know who you are and what you’re offering.

The most common goal is to convert a visitor into a buyer, however most sites don’t know how to sell. You may be browsing the internet and looking at sites that appear intimidating because the rank well with SEO, and browsing their pages you see many calls to action and a well functioning shopping cart, but all of that technology doesn’t necessary reach the customers goals.

Goals for a business site should be to build a loyal community that returns frequently, we’ve learned in marketing that it is easier to sell to existing customers than to reach and convert new ones. This can be accomplished by implementing a blog and providing useful information. If you educate your customers and teach them about your products, improving their lives and their community, then they will become consumers of your information. It is far more important to build frequent consumers of your information than to quickly convert a visitor to a one-time customers. A visitor who is a consumer of your information becomes a community advocate for your company, a spokesperson who promotes and provides word-of-mouth marketing for you regardless of whether or not they’ve ever tried your product!

At Phase 3, our purpose is to help our customers set their goals and visions for their website and help them become a reality.

Building for Yourself

do it yourself web design adviceWe understand that some ideas need to be developed and tested before money is spent and we encourage customers to develop a proof of concept. Some of our work has been to help build a functioning model of a new idea that could be presented to investors before launching an entire business around the idea. However, some customers are best with a little consulting and coaching to build a sample site themselves and test the local reception. This can be done by using many free resources on the web, such as Wix, Blogger and WordPress.org

All of these sites allow you to work with predefined styles and designs to mockup your website in a rudimentary fashion and share it with some friends and family for input. When you’re ready to go public, building a following or selling a product, you’ll want the help of a professional design team to get the best results.

In Santa Barbara we’ve helped many non-profits and writers create sites for their passions, and some of them created such a following that they blossomed into successful causes and businesses. We want to support your cause and help you find the right tools to share your unique perspective and voice with the world.

Existing Websites

Just as many customers who have approached us with new visions for a website have also come to us with an existing site that isn’t performing as it should, is incomplete, or hasn’t been maintained with current technology or met the evolving expectations of Google such as mobile and responsive design.

Our team works with all hosted technologies and can bring your site up to date while refreshing the look for a crisp cutting edge impression on your industry. We are experienced in technology, design, marketing, programming, SEO and social media, providing comprehensive advice and expertise for the success of your project.

We have developed an in-house CMS, called SteelDove, for high-end projects and also embrace technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Woocommerce. Our aim is to match your site with the right technology so you can maintain an effective workflow and focus on your ideas and not the platform. We can assist with migrating existing sites to new reliable hosts with good security, and we can also shed light on your site revealing data you may never have seen before on who your visitors are, how they find you, and what they are looking at.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas and let’s build something incredible.

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