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Let’s face it, the Internet is like the Wild West, and websites are no more secure or stable than computers. Every day we see websites being hacked or crashing because hosting companies haven’t maintained their systems properly.

Regardless of who you are hosting with, failures happen. You need a backup plan for your website.

Phase 3 offers protection plans for small, medium and large sites. It doesn’t matter what system you are using, we can protect your website from crashes and hackers. With our protection plans, we can even restore your site if you forgot to renew or pay your hosting company.

Our monthly services provide you with a safety net and recovery plan.

In the event of a crash or site failure, we will notify you that the site is down and take the initial steps to restore it for you. We will begin with contacting the host to determine the cause of the issue and steps to recover, and restore from our backup if necessary. In the case the hosting provider fails we can provide an alternative hosting solution to bring your site back online quickly.

You can select from three services to fit your needs:

  • VIP Monthly Plan – $75/mo.
    For any site that needs daily backups and mission critical monitoring.
  • Large Site Monthly Plan – $45/mo.
    For sites that include ecommerce, SSL security, databases, blogs, email forms and lots of files. This plan includes monthly backups and continuous uptime monitoring. We’ll be notified and respond within minutes of any website outages or downtime.
  • Medium Site Monthly Plan – $30/mo.
    For sites that include databases, blogs, email forms and lots of files. This plan includes monthly backups and continuous uptime monitoring. If any issues are detected we will take action within minutes.
  • Small Site Monthly Plan – $15/mo.
    For small static and average wordpress sites with less than 1GB of files. We’ll maintain monthly backups and provide uptime monitoring of the site. We’ll alert you if there are any issues after we’ve initiated steps to determine the problem and solution.

With website protection and monitor, you’ll enjoy maximum peace of mind knowing your website will be selling 24/7 while you focus on your what’s important to you, your family or next business idea.

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