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Santa Barbara SEO, Web Design and Managed IT

Phase 3 is a Santa Barbara based technology and design agency serving entrepreneurs and enterprise customers alike. Our customer service-based model is the key to our success and growth. We feel that listening to our customers is the critical component to delivering successful solutions at the end of the day.

Managed IT Services and PC Repair

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We serve the Santa Barbara community with a diverse offering of services from Managed IT for businesses and enterprises to PC repair and consulting for small home offices. We feel that serving only one segment of our business community leads to a lack of exposure to new technologies and ideas. Some of our most creative corporate solutions have come from unique new ideas in the home office. Merging these two classes of customer environment has produced a rewarding experience for our team and clients.

Back in the beginning, we realized that we needed to be different from other IT consultancies. Other consultants had a practice of earning their living from “break-fix” scenarios where they would charge emergency fees and a high number of hours fixing failing computers and software. We solved this situation for our clients by being the first company to offer “preventive maintenance” plans to customers. The concept was simple, performing basic care needed to prevent the computer or network from failing. Our customers immediately saw a savings up to 60% of their previous IT spending.

Today, we have continually improved on the preventive maintenance concept and have coined the term Proactive Managed IT.

Santa Barbara Web Design

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Not typically a service offering for a Managed IT company, our Web Design services began in 2006 when our client Occam Networks, a local internet engineering company with over 200 employees approached us seeking a web design consult. Occam was responsible for inventing the fast switching technology used by cable providers to deliver internet, video and phone services (what they called “triple play”). Occam was a Deloitte and Touche FAST 50 company, and they were quickly outgrowing the in-house developers and needed our assistance.

They were most impressed with our customer support philosophy and fast response times, and asked if we could adapt our services to provide what they needed. Of course we welcomed the new direction and we completed development of their secure intranet using ColdFusion. We quickly followed with the rebranding of their website and implementation of a custom content management system.

While maintaining our roots in Managed IT and home office computer repair, over the past 10 years our experience and team has grown to become one of the largest and most creative web design companies in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara SEO and Social Media

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Embracing developing trends in the rise of Social Media and Content Marketing, Phase 3 has become a Central Coast leader in Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing. Our unique and thoughtful approach to search marketing has led to countless first page results for our clients.

According to a recent survey, 48% of internet searchers will click on the first link of a search engine result page, 24% will click on the second link, and 12% will click on the third. If a website appears below the 5th listing, odds are that it isn't being seen are receiving any traffic. Considering the amount of marketing dollars most businesses spend in casting a wide net with the hopes of reaching potential customers, they often overlook one of the most targeted cost effective methods of attracting customers, a search engine optimization campaign.

SEO companies typically spend a client's time and money targeting certain popular keywords in a brute force, head-on attack on the competition, building as many links as possible and peppering their website with these keywords. Although this approach can work, it's not a cost effective method of optimizing a site, and is following a common predictable pattern that the search engines anticipate. The SEO and Social Media experts at Phase 3 take a more unique and creative approach, beginning with the strategic analysis of a site's competition. We begin by evaluating the neighborhood where a site should be showing up, and analyzing the behaviour of the existing successful sites. We build on what works for the competition and recommend a context based keyword strategy that doesn't require a brute-force attack to establish a site as a local authority in it's subject matter.

Establishing a site's credibility involves linking from other credible sites and building a community of engaged consumers of the website's information. One of the keys to SEO is contributing to the professional community in the website neighborhood and not associating with known offending sites. Your authority is inherited from the sites you associate with and the social media community you develop.

A strong SEO campaign balances a blend of on-site optimization, off-site optimization and social media. The team of experts at Phase 3 will help build a strategic campaign to take on the toughest competition. We're offering a free SEO and web site assessment to help you gauge your current level of site optimization and determine what the most important steps are in getting started. No matter how much optimization is performed, it's important to consider the quality of content a visitor sees when they click the link to your website. If the site isn't appealing or have the right call to action, it may not successfully convert your traffic, which is the ultimate goal of your internet marketing efforts.

Why Does This Matter?

The Phase 3 team is enthusiastically dedicated to our customer service philosophy and tirelessly works for the success of all our clients regardless the size of contract. Our dedication to creative cost-saving solutions and top results will translate to the success of your project no matter the budget. Contact us for a free assessment, and don’t hold back, we want to answer all of your questions.


“We contracted Phase 3 Enterprises to re-engineer and upgrade our entire four-office (spread through three counties) computer and server system for the Alzheimer's Association, California Central Coast Chapter. (more…)

J.D., Business Client

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